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EUROSTAT: Energy, transport and environment indicators - 2015 edition

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The 2015 edition of this publication elaborated by Eurostat presents a compilation of data on energy, transport and the environment. The included indicators present national data for the 28 EU Member States, the EFTA, the candidate and the potential candidate countries. When available, the EU-28 aggregate is also provided. When the EU-28 aggregate is not available, the EU-27 aggregate is provided. Data are generally available for the period between 2004 and 2013.


Energy indicators include supply, final consumption, renewable sources, and the structure of the industry; energy dependency, energy efficiency, and energy prices. The Directive on renewable energy sources, an integral part of the Energy Package, defines the share of these sources in gross final energy consumption. This publication presents data on certain indicators, for example biofuels, relevant for the policy on the promotion of renewable energy. Energy prices are presented in accordance with the new methodology.


The Environment chapter includes indicators on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation and treatment, water resources, abstraction and use, wastewater treatment, forestry and biodiversity, chemicals, material flow accounts and relevant financial indicators such as environmental protection expenditure and environmental taxes.



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