Examples of Action Being Taken by Housing Providers - Overheating risk management

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This slide pack, released by the Zero Carbon Hub, sets out examples of strategies and planned actions for managing overheating risk being taken by nine housing providers. It also covers common issues and barriers the case study organisation face, some of which can only be resolved by national or local-level policies. 


The pack is part of a series of "overheating risk management" packs produced to support organisations who build, refurbish or manage homes, in deciding what next steps they could take to more strategically manage the issue of overheating in homes.


Further information on the slide packs: “Introduction to overheating - Tackling overheating in homes”, “Overheating in Homes: Risk Management Strategies - For housebuilders and developers”, “Overheating in Homes: Risk Management Strategies - For housing associations” and “Overheating in Homes: Risk Management Strategies - For local authorities” can also be found at the BUILD UP portal.