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ExcEED project: filling the database gap on energy performance

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The realities behind the collection of data on the energy performance of buildings


This is the first issue in a series of factsheets that the EU-funded project ExcEED will publish on a range of diverse topics related to data collection on the energy performance of buildings.


With this we set the scene by explaining the European context, the existing data gaps, what ExcEED sets out to accomplish and the needed policies that could foresee a more harmonised and open system.


Despite the usefulness of data, its collection is lacking across Europe. ExcEED will establish a “European Energy Efficient building district Database” to gather a diverse range of data on the energy performance of buildings. Data will be collected from monitoring systems, building managers, public authorities, and other European databases and projects. This kind of initiatives should be further reinforced by ambitious EU legislation, such as the establishment of national databases for registering Energy Performance Certificates, to only name one example.


For more information on the topic read our factsheet. More to follow soon.