Explorer l’obligation de rénovation énergétique dans le secteur résidentiel - Tome 1 : Propositions

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This report gives the results from a French working group initiated by the Plan Bâtiment Durable in 2013 which explored the idea of a future mandatory energy renovation of residential buildings. More than 200 people have contributed to this work which represents more than 100 organizations.

The building stock concerned is composed of more than 30 million dwellings, of which about 17 million were built before the very first French energy performance of buildings regulation in 1974.

The report first discusses the following question: Is it worthwhile to set up a mandatory energy renovation for residential buildings? It then identifies all the proposals made in the perspective of the implementation of such an obligation.

The conclusions of the two working group co-leaders are:

the renovation of the residential building stock is a sine qua non condition for successful achievement of the national objectives of energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions reduction,

- a new incentive policy is needed, more readable, with a larger scope and more demanding in terms of performance,

- the energy performance certificate scheme has to be improved,

- some administrative barriers still exist and should be removed,

- the existing regulation about the energy performance of renovated buildings should be made more severe,

- a fund should be set up in condominiums to be used for mandatory works.

The working group did not reach a consensus about the idea of a mandatory energy renovation of residential buildings but this report synthesizes ideas and opinions with some points of agreement.