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Financing the energy renovation of residential buildings - Infinite Solutions Guidebook

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Energy Cities

Infinite Solutions Guidebook - Financing the energy renovation of residential buildings through soft loans and third-party investment schemes



Financing the energy retrofitting of buildings is a great challenge. With investments ranging from €200 to €1,200 /m² (CITYnvest study, 2015), access to attractive and long-term financing is perceived as the primary barrier to carrying out ambitious energy retrofits, in particular those aiming at achieving 50-75% energy savings.


In this guidebook, Energy Cities’ members share their experience and guide you through the process of setting up a soft loan financing scheme. The Stuttgart’s ‘care-free energy renovation package’ and third party investment scheme are described in detail in a dedicated case study.


The guidebook is intended for local and regional authorities, energy agencies and their associations, national energy agencies, ministries and fund managers, organisations providing training to cities & regions, banks and financing institutions. In short, all organisations and actors who could be interested in replicating these financing schemes or who could support cities and regions in doing so.


The guidebook consists of four chapters:


  • Chapter 1: an introduction to soft loan schemes.
  • Chapter 2: step-by-step guidance on how to build a soft loan financing scheme, including an overview of three already tested alternative business models.
  • Chapter 3: summary and recommendations.
  • Chapter 4: case studies, including Stuttgart’s third party investment scheme.


To download the guide, please visit the relevant Energy Cities webpages at the links below.