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First E-Brochure Veryschool Project

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VERYSchool is a result-oriented project focused on Pilot demonstration and validation actions, with the Energy Action Navigator (EAN) at the core of its development.

The issue of global warming is the most important concern of our time. In-depth reflections and a targeted long-term planning based on real data, together with rational thinking and clear reasoning on the real needs to change outlook, habits and attitudes, require a positive behavior to be less damaging to our planet and the quality of our lives.
Schools interest everyone since they are an important value for the Community: they are where much of our time is spent, they give rise to knowledge, they help get our most important resource (pupils and teachers) to be actively involved in energy efficiency initiatives, providing outreach to our future through the hands of the next generation, they create awareness, they tax our resources, they are organized on territorial levels, they produce a huge impact on their occupants and on the environment.
EAN is a software tool that will be obtained by integrating hardware and software mature technologies (i.e. already existing in the market), monitoring & control of technological systems (air conditioning and lighting), energy simulation and action management according to the international standard ISO 50001 with the main objective to drive the whole chain of stakeholders in the definition of an Energy Management Programme (EMP) and Users in the execution of an effective Energy Management System (EnMS) for schools, both at local (building context) and territorial levels.
EAN supplies the manager with “action management” that we define “optimized scenario” (OS). The whole set of OS is a catalogue - a playbook - in EAN. EAN, using experimental data merged with organizational methods, is able to suggest modifications for improvement.

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