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A first report on the Prioritee’s methodology to improve energy efficiency in public buildings

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Low carbon economy is a key issue for territorial sustainable development and for EU objectives. In the Mediterranean area, the challenge is to develop solutions adapted to various regional contexts from densely urbanised areas with dense transport networks to remote areas and islands with more limited access to energy resources.

PrioritEE will Prioritize energy efficiency measures in public buildings and will create a decision support tool for regional and local public authorities

PrioritEE aims to enhance the policy making and strategic planning competences of local and regional public authorities in the energy management of public buildings in five Mediterranean countries: Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Croatia.


The PrioritEE toolbox will be used by local administrations to manage energy consumption in municipal public buildings, to assess the cost-effectiveness of a predefined set of EE and RES measures and alternatives, and to prioritise investments. A comprehensive set of key indicators will be an integral part of the decision support tool and will be used to compare different scenarios of interventions and monitor energy consumption, assessing the effects of the proposed strategies.

FCT-UNL has led the preparation of this technical report enhancing the collaborative approach and amplifying the synergies and interactions among partners. The toolbox being developed include a set of “how to briefs” on energy efficiency related topics, a technological analytic database, an open data & knowledge infrastructure, a repository of actions to enhance sustainable energy awareness and a decision support tool for comparing and ranking a portfolio of EE/RES interventions.

More information is available on the technical report.