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German Energy Saving Ordinance 2009 (EnEV 2009)

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The Energy Saving Ordinance ("Energieeinsparverordnung (EnEV)") is an important part of the energy- and climate policy of the German Federal Government. The Ordinance regulates energy performance for new buildings and building stock as well as energy certification of buildings.

For new buildings, EnEV primarily poses requirements to the primary energy demand. Here the heat insulation of the building envelope as well as the energy efficiency of the building appliances used (heating, domestic hot water, ventilation, cooling, and - for non-residential buildings - lighting) are taken into account. Informal version of the Energy Saving Ordinance 2009 (in German). Words in bold were added in 2009, compared to the prior version of the year 2007. A further amendment (EnEV 2012) is currently in preparation. For English comments and background information please click here.