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Getting the most out of your heat pump

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Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

Your cold-climate heat pump can save a lot on heating and cooling costs. Whether your heat pump is ductless or centrally ducted, this new technology is different than the conventional heating and air conditioning systems that you’re probably used to. These tips will help you get the best comfort and the most savings for years to come.


  • Maximise the use of your heat pump: Set the ductless heat pump thermostat for comfort. If you are keeping your existing heating system as a backup, use it only when needed
  • Settings are the Key to Great Heat Pump Performance: Set it and forget it. Use the “heat” or “cool” setting on the thermostat or control, rather than “auto”. Set the indoor fan speed to “auto” or automatic, so the fan runs only as needed. For ductless heat pumps, keep the air vanes open to allow air to flow freely through the unit. Don’t shut your heat pump off in very cold weather! If anything, turn it up a bit.
  • Taking care of your heat pump: Indoor and outdoor units need free air flow. Check on your system at least once every season. Modern heat pumps should have very little need for service, unless something stops working properly.


With proper installation and operation, your air-source heat pump should bring you efficient heating and cooling, helping you save energy and money while also keeping your home comfortable.


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