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Getting to Zero

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Getting to Zero

London Energy Transformation Initiative: Proposals For Energy Policy


This report, released by the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI), sets out four key proposals which will help all new buildings in London to operate at net zero carbon by 2030 and all existing buildings in the capital by 2050.


The document mainly covers new build domestic and non-domestic developments. It also covers data disclosure of existing non-domestic buildings and community and district heat systems. The authors acknowledge that large scale energy refurbishment works will need to be carried out to the majority of existing buildings, as well as ensuring that all new buildings are Net Zero Carbon to ensure that global warming is limited to 1.5°C


The proposals focus on:


  • revising the London Plan Energy Strategy Targets to introduce site energy use targets, fabric energy efficiency targets, onsite renewable energy generation and a peak demand reduction method statement;
  • delivering low carbon heat via heat networks;
  • updating London’s carbon offset policy to include total building energy use, regulated and unregulated energy, with the cost of carbon set to incentivise on-site emission reductions;
  • disclosing energy use in buildings using a number of methods so that disclosure is incentivised and over time mandated.

To download the report, please click on the link provided below.