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Green Homes and Green Mortgages

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Background photo by Tim Mossholder

As we all spend more time in our homes than planned and desire, it is worth looking towards new models of doing things better from the building industry, the finance industry, and all of the other participants involved in building our homes. Some may have seen greater mention of terms such as “Green Finance” or “Green Mortgages” that have piqued the interest of business and starting to reach citizens looking to buy a home or improve their current home. What are these programs and what are the benefits of Green Mortgages and the Green Homes they finance?


A “green” (or “sustainable”) home is a home designed and constructed to minimize the current and future environmental impact of its existence. Fortunately, there are many financial benefits to those who may borrow to purchase the home that coincide with less risk to the bank lending money for that home that allows a bank to lower the cost of finance through a reduced interest rate offered through a “green” mortgage. Determining which homes have followed the necessary criteria is a complex process but expert organizations exist that independently certify the “greenness” of a home to assure the homebuyer and the bank the promised benefits will arrive.


The full article develops the benefits for each of the actors involved:



Reduced energy costs and less frequent repairs;
Healthier Homes;



Borrowers have more money;
Better quality construction;


  • COMPANIES involved in RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS from investors and Superior Quality Homes;




The SMARTER Finance for Families project is working to bring more and more Green Homes to the citizens of Europe, innovate with the building and finance industry to help deliver those homes, and improve the health of our planet for today’s and future generations.


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