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Ground source heat pumps - IEA Heat Pump Centre Newsletter vol. 33, No.3/2015

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IEA Heat Pump Centre Newsletter

Ground source heat pumps

News and views in the recently released issue of the Heat Pump Centre Newsletter

Of all heat pump types, ground source heat pumps generally give the largest energy savings. However, they also generally require the largest initial investments; thus, for any GSHP installation this trade-off has to be taken into account.

The topic of this issue is Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP). The Foreword may make your thoughts shift from blue to green, while the Column compares North American and European GSHP systems. Further articles include a GSHP market progress report from Japan, a case study from the US, an account of direct exchange (DX) systems, and a report on a solar-GSHP combination. Finally, the Strategic Outlook gives us a broad overview of the role of heating and cooling in the energy system.

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