Guided visit in Sport Hall of Farsala: event summary

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Guided visit in Farsala Sport Hall

Guided visit in Farsala Sport Hall

The event was divided into 2 parts:


The first part included an educational presentation and discussion with students on the issue of Climate Change. Students were informed about the causes and effects, highlighted the key role of themselves in addressing the problem through interactive discussion. At the same time, they discovered the various ways in which they take action in order to reduce energy consumption and protect the climate.


The second part included the overall presentation of the project STEP 2 SPORT, the energy classification of the Gym before interventions, the interventions made and the current energy situation of the building. The overall benefits of the energy renovation of the building were revealed and the equipment and building elements installed were shown by visiting the various areas of the gym.



Main messages transmitted at the visitors:


Energy policy of the municipality and the importance of achieving set targets

Climate change - Effects in our everyday life, actions to avoid climate change, the role of energy efficiency

Brief description of project, the work done in the sport hall, nzeb buildings, role of energy efficiency in the use of the building and its effects on the local community.

Responsibility of users, actions to avoid unnecessary energy consumption



Conclusions and visitors' feed-back:


Various questions on the interventions and their effect on the energy consumption of the building and in general for the city

Details about NZEBs and how this can be achieved

Satisfaction concerning the participation of the municipality in the project

Further efforts for the reduction in energy consumption should be implemented if funds are available

Very warm welcome of the activity because it is something that will help the municipality to reduce operating costs thus this amount can be used for other "municipal actions" for the benefit of the local community