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Guidelines on Environmental and Cost Integrated Approach for Systemic Packages

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Development of Systemic Packages for Deep Energy Renovation of Residential and Tertiary Buildings including Envelope and Systems – iNSPIRe project


This report looks at the iNSPiRe project’s aims to design, develop and industrialise buildings components, kits and systemic packages for the deep energy renovation of buildings, both in the residential and tertiary sectors. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) methods are used to assess the sustainability of solutions being developed, in particular their benefits on primary energy savings.


At the first part of the report, an overview of both generic methods is provided. At the second part, a detailed description of each step of the assessments is provided, from the definition of goals to the results interpretation.



To download the report, please visit the relevant iNSPIRe website.