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Heat Pumps in Smart Grids - in the Kick-Off Issue of the HPT Magazine

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Heat Pumps in Smart Grids - in the Kick-Off Issue of the HPT Magazine

Welcome to the new Heat Pumping Technologies Magazine – or in short: the HPT Magazine! The Magazine is a development of the former HPC Newsletter, updated with a new layout, more focus on the projects within the HPT, the Annexes, and the possibility to read it on the digital platform issuu.


The topic for the kick-off issue of the HPT Magazine is Smart Grids - Heat Pumps. Smart Grids is a very hot topic, with a number of expectations, such as being able to handle grid congestion, and enable the inclusion of electricity from intermittent sources. Heat pumps, being able to upgrade low-temperature heat sources to usable temperatures with minor use of electricity, are an obvious part of the Smart Grid concept.


In this issue different views of heat pumps in Smart Grids are discussed. After an introductory Foreword, and a Column by the sister TCP on Smart Grids, ISGAN, four Topical articles each provide their angle of the topic. An article on flammable refrigerants connects back to the previous issue (HPC Newsletter 1/2016), which had Refrigerants as the Topic. There is also an article of CO2 heat pump water heaters, as well as a market overview for space cooling in the US.


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The HPT Magazine is a publication from the IEA Heat Pump Centre (HPC). The HPC is an international information service for heat pumping technologies, applications and markets.

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