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House for Tomorrow - Building for the Future

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extract: "The House of Tomorrow Programme had its origins in the Government’s Green Paper on Sustainable Energy in 1999, which highlighted deficiencies in the energy performance of Irish housing. Among the actions proposed to tackle this was a programme to develop and demonstrate energy efficient design and technology features in the housing sector. After extensive industry consultation, the House of Tomorrow Programme was launched in September 2001. Within the framework of the National Development Plan 2000-2006, its budget allocation was €21.1M. The aim of the programme has been to accelerate improvements in the quality of energy performance of Irish homes and to encourage the market uptake of cost-effective innovation. Central to this is the establishment of a nationwide network of living examples of homes incorporating superior energy features new to the mainstream Irish market.These are homes that offer significant benefits to consumers in terms of comfort, economy and convenience and to the country in terms of meeting environmental obligations and reduced dependence on imported fossil fuels. Specifically, the House of Tomorrow programme aims to: • support superior energy design and technology practices; • tackle systemic barriers to sustainable energy within the building industry; • promote market awareness of best practices; and • stimulate sustainable energy research, development and demonstration."