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How to assess the thermal performance of windows?

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How to assess the thermal performance of windows?

Solar heat gains and daylight just as important as insulation


European Aluminium welcomes measures to increase building renovation rates across the European Union, but calls for a better framework concerning the calculation of the performance of building elements under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD); insulation is only one part of the story, solar heat gains and daylight are just as important.


Allowing these renewables to enter buildings through windows reduces artificial heating and lighting needed during colder seasons. While during warmer seasons, natural ventilation and shading solutions reduce the risk of overheating.


European Aluminium therefore calls for using the ‘energy balance’ approach that considers both insulation AND solar heat gains to assess the thermal performance of transparent building elements like windows.


You can click on the new infographic developed by European Aluminium to learn more about the calculation of the energy balance.