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ICP Europe: Energy Performance Protocol - Targeted Apartment Blocks

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This protocol is one of the 6 protocols for tertiary and residential buildings released by the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe to define European best practices for predicting energy savings, optimising performance, and monitoring the results of energy efficiency investments.  These protocols can be used by building owners or by Energy Savings Companies (ESCO) to improve access to finance. They can also be used by banks and investors to reduce the costs for due diligence.


This Protocol is designed for targeted apartment block projects that involve building retrofits with only one or a limited set of energy conservation measures, without major interaction between them.


The Energy Performance Protocols are intended as minimum requirements for an investment quality analysis and best practices to maintain, measure and verify the energy savings, not an exhaustive treatment of all possible techniques. Each section of the document establishes these minimum requirements and offers additional methods and tools that can be used to improve the reliability of savings estimation and measurement. A checklist provided as part of this document is intended for inclusion in project documents.



To download the document, please visit the relevant ICP webpage.