IEA EBC Annex 57: Guidelines for construction product manufacturers

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IEA EBC Annex 57: Guidance to support construction product manufacturers in their decision making process


This report is one of the deliverables of the International Energy Agency Energy in Buildings and Communities programme (IEA EBC) Annex 57: “Evaluation of embodied energy (eE) and carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2eq) for building construction”, summarising selected results and recommendations of the project.


The specific document is a guideline targeted specifically to construction product manufacturers (small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises -SMEs) with the aim to inform them on the subject of embodied impacts (the primary energy consumption and the adverse effects on the climate resulting from green house gas (GHG ) emissions that arise in the life cycle of construction products due to their production, installation into the building or construction works, maintenance and end of life) in relation to construction products, to present the starting points for the integration of embodied impacts assessment into the continuous improvement of production-related processes and product-related characteristics and information and to provide access to related information sources and tools.


More specifically, the guideline provides:


  • methodological guidance for a simplified calculation and assessment of embodied impacts;
  • recommendations to improve the production and procurement processes as well as related environmental product information;
  • options for the declaration of environmental product information.

For further information or to download the report, please visit the relevant IEA-EBC Annex 57 webpage at the link provided below.