The impact of EPCs on property values and nZEBs

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The impact of energy performance certificates on property values and nearly zero-energy buildings – an analysis for professionals and users


This report, released within the framework of the EU funded project ZEBRA2020, is the result of two independent investigations: a survey among real estate agents and an assessment of energy performance certificates (EPCs) price surpluses.


The analysis of the real estate agent`s survey provides recommendations on how to increase the impact of EPCs on the property value and how to overcome the many obstacles in wider use of EPC`s across EU which were identified by the agents.


Moreover, the regression results on EPC price surpluses have demonstrated the existence of a price surplus due to energy efficiency in all but one of the countries analysed.


The analysis is cut out for market professionals, owners and tenants.


For further information, please visit the project's webpage at the link provided below.


The report was developed within the framework of the EU funded project, ZEBRA2020. ZEBRA2020 focuses on tracking the market transition to nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEBs) to derive recommendations and strategies for the building industry and policy makers and to accelerate the market uptake of nZEBs.