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Innovative technologies for buildings

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EUR 24023 EN – Innovative technologies for buildings – EU-funded research to transform the construction sector


The construction sector is central to the overall economy of the EU, accounting for more than 10% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), employing more than 16 million people in large, medium and small enterprises, providing accommodation and infrastructure, and playing a prominent role in the global marketplace. Continued research and development is vital to provide a sound basis for recovery from the effects of economic downturn and to address the global problems of climate change and population growth. The European Construction Technology Platform developed a Strategic Research Agenda which identified three main goals: meeting clients' and users' requirements, dramatically improving sustainability and energy efficiency, and achieving a transformation from traditional craft practices to modern and efficient knowledge-based methods employing intelligent new materials and environmentally-friendly processes. This publication briefly presents six examples of outstanding transnational collaborative projects for the construction sector supported by the EU under its Research and Technological Development (RTD) Framework Programmes. By taking innovative approaches to the development and application of building and infrastructural technologies, all are helping to ensure a viable future for the construction industry and contributing to the well-being of every citizen.