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Investing in Smart Cities - EIB

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This brochure released by the European Investment Bank (EIB) presents projects funded by the EIB in the field of smart cities in the period 2010-2014.


As stated in the brochure, transforming cities and making them smarter and more sustainable are important goals of the EIB’s investment approach in the urban sector. Over the last five years, EIB has provided finance totalling almost EUR 56 billion, as well as technical assistance to support these goals in a large number of cities.


The common objective of EIB projects is to make cities more intelligent in the way they use resources, more resilient to climate change and other risks, and more sustainable and inclusive in the way they provide citizens with public services. More specifically, these projects funded are:


  • Integrated – through multi-sectoral urban planning and joined up investment strategies
  • Innovative – through the application of smart technology and innovative management approaches
  • Inclusive – through stakeholder participation and sound governancein project design and implementation




For further information or to download the brochure, please visit the relevant EIB website.