Keep Cool - From "cooling" to "sustainable summer comfort"

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The overall goal of the European project Keep Cool II - "Transforming the market from cooling to sustainable summer comfort" - was to implement activities that reduce the negative impacts from increasing cooling demand in Europe, through an increased market penetration of sustainable cooling approaches and technologies. This document gives an overview of the project and its results, that include guidelines, tools and best practices.

The Keep Cool II project, approved under the programme Intelligent Energy for Europe (IEE) and that ended on 31 May 2010, had the following objectives:
• Consolidating the market chain of sustainable summer comfort solutions;
• Creating incentives for designers and planners towards integrated planning;
• Introducing resp. strengthening sustainable summer comfort into national Energy Efficiency Action Plans, guidelines for public procurement and national building regulation;
• Transporting the results directly into the relevant target group through a wide range of dissemination activities on the national as well as on the European level.
In the Keep Cool II project, 12 partners from 9 European countries were cooperating.

More results can be found at