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Mediterranean energy transition: 2040 scenario

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This document is the summary of the Mediterranean energy transition scenario findings, elaborated and developed within the framework of the cooperation between the Mediterranean association of the national agencies for energy conservation (MEDENER), the Mediterranean energy observatory (OME) and the French Environment and Energy Management Agency - ADEME.


The results were presented at the occasion of the 4th MEDENER international conference 'Enhancing energy transition in the Mediterranean, towards a sustainable energy mix'. This conference was organised in partnership with the Agency for the promotion and the rationalisation of energy (APRUE), on 25 May 2016 in Algiers.


According to the report, compared to the Conservative Scenario (Business-As-Usual), by 2040, the Mediterranean Energy Transition Scenario would lead to:


  • 30% reduction in energy demand and 23% reduction in final energy consumption.
  • Increased share of renewable energy to 27% of the energy mix in the region, with renewables becoming the primary source of electricity production.
  • Avoiding an additional 200 GW of fossil-fuel based electricity production infrastructure.
  • Reducing CO₂ emissions by 38%.


To download the report, please visit the relevant ADEME webpage at the link below.