Mise en oeuvre de l'arrêté du 25 janvier 2013 relatif à l'éclairage nocturne des bâtiments non résidentiels afin de limiter les nuisances lumineuses et les consommations d'énergie - Bilan au 31 janvier 2014

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Since 1 July 2013, the french regulation requires that light in offices and shops as well as building facade illumination is turned off at night.

This document from the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Devlopment and Energy proposes an overview of the situation some 6 months after the implementation of this measure.

The objective is to save the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 750,000 households, avoiding the emission of 250,000 t of CO2 and saving 200 millions euros. Year 2013 was mainly devoted to information and awareness of stakeholders (communities, companies, shopkeepers, ...). The measure is now generally known but its implementation has still to be strengthened.

The document gives a summary of the requirements :

- for office buildings: indoor lighting off 1 hour after the end of occupation,

- for shops: lighting of shopwindows off at 1:00 am (or 1 hour after the end of occupation if it occurs later) and on not before 7:00 am (or 1 hour before opening if earlier),

- for non-residential buildings: facade lighting off at 1:00 am.

The document also explains the actions of the French Government to implement the measure (including for public buildings) and shows the situation for the big office building district of Paris La Défense and some big French cities. In addition, the results of a survey are given showing the support of the French population for such measures.


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