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Multiple benefits of energy renovations of the Swedish building stock

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This report released by Copenhagen Economics and commissioned by the Swedish Energy Agency and the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, aims to assess and quantify to what extent there are likely multiple benefits from energy related renovations of the Swedish building stock. Multiple benefits accrue in addition to the direct savings in energy bills and may entail health effects from better outdoor air quality and indoor environment.


The report finds that:


  • The value of energy savings is the largest source of benefits from renovations of the Swedish building stock.
  • Reduced outdoor air pollution can deliver significant benefits. Attributing the value of outdoor air pollution can be difficult, as air pollution is windborne, and may not necessarily give rise to damages in the same area as the polluting source.
  • Improved indoor air quality is a large potential source of value for Swedish society. Prevalence of asthma and respiratory diseases, and especially so called sick building syndrome are common undesired consequences of poor indoor air quality. In addition, improved indoor air in schools is likely to improve students’ learning abilities. Taking advantage of these benefits requires that renovations have a broader focus than just on energy savings, and especially on delivering better ventilation and lighting.

For further information please visit the link below to download the full report.