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New Perspectives on Climate Finance for Cities

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Finance Solutions for New and Emerging Infrastructure Approaches to Urban Climate Mitigation and Adaptation


This study, prepared by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, Siemens and Citi, provides insights on potential financing options for climate change programmes and projects in cities, the lead times and steps required to access different types of climate finance, as well as the lessons learned from cities around the globe.


The report includes detailed chapters on climate financing techniques and mechanisms, including green bonds, equity capital, emissions trading schemes and best approaches to international financing institutions and agency finance.


Climate finance presents new opportunities for city administrations and other constituents to deliver on climate action plans and targets. But it also presents new challenges for the finance sector. Tackling these challenges is integral to unlocking and mainstreaming climate finance. This report provides an introduction for city officials seeking to understand climate finance options and identify possible routes for supporting projects and programmes. It sets out the benefits and drawbacks from different finance options, the lead in times and next steps required to access different types of climate finance. Importantly, it draws on case studies from around the globe, where these alternative routes have been implemented.



For further information, or to download the report, please visit the relevant C40 webpage at the link below.