New report from the EPBD Concerted Action available! New buildings & NZEBs

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The experts of the Concerted Actions (CA) worked from 2015-2018 to provide a comprehensive overview of the EPBD implementation among the Member States (MSs).


Among all, the CA released a thematic report with an analysis of the new constructions and NZEBs requirements across Europe. Challenges and experiences with the early implementation of NZEBs in the MSs are analysed by collecting case studies and discussing how to integrate renewable energy systems (RES) and other innovative technologies, as well as the indoor climate issue, into the energy performance assessment.



One of the backbone of the EPBD is that from 2021 all the new buildings will have to be NZEB according to the national definition: how far we are from that target?


More information on the New buildings & NZEBs report!


Check also further thematic reports of the EPBD Concerted Action on: Technical Elements, Policies and Implementation, Compliance, Capacity and Impact, Synergy and Networking to maximise impact of the EPBD, Existing Buildings & Systems, Certification, Control system and Quality