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New Ways of Cooling - Information for Building Designers

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Buildings in the UK are currently significant users of conventional cooling systems, which are usually electrically driven. This Report aims to make building designers in the UK more aware of some less familiar cooling technologies that have the potential to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The technologies considered by this Report are covered in detail and cover the following categories:

  • Night-time cooling storage systems
  • Ground and ambient coupling systems
  • Alternative HVAC systems
  • Alternative delivery systems
The Report also considers how some of the technologies can be used in combination. Series and parallel combinations of technologies are shown for the more common applications together with a worked example. Further assistance with selection and combination of cooling technologies can be found on the companion ‘SELECT’ CD-ROM (available separately from Action Energy). ‘SELECT’ (System for Evaluating Low Energy Cooling Technologies) provides further information on the imposed conditions that would lead the designer to the selection of a particular low-energy cooling technology and indicates practical combinations of system components.