NZEB: Concepts, frameworks and roadmap for project analysis and implementation

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Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB): Concepts, Frameworks and Roadmap for Project Analysis and Implementation provides readers with the elements they need to understand, combine and contextualize design decisions on Net Zero Energy Buildings.


The book is based on learned lessons from NZEB design, construction, operation that are integrated to bring the most relevant topics, such as multidisciplinarity, climate sensitivity, comfort requirements, carbon footprints, construction quality and evidence-based design. Chapters introduce the context of high performance buildings, present overviews of NZEB, cover the performance thresholds for efficient buildings, cover materials, micro-grid and smart grids, construction quality, performance monitoring, post occupancy evaluation, and more.


The book:

-offers a roadmap for engaging in energy efficiency in high performance buildings projects;

-combines solid grounding in core concepts, such as energy efficiency, with a wider context that includes the technical, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions;

-covers key areas for decision-making; 

-provides a logical framework to analyze projects in the context of environmental change; 

-presents worldwide examples and cases for different climates and societies.



Professionals in the AEC industries: Building Engineers and Professionals, Developers and Building Owners, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Property Managers, graduate students and academics


Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. Evolution of NZEB Definition

3. NZEB Performance Thresholds

4. Design Process and Tools

5. Occupant Comfort and Indoor Environmental Quality

6. Materials

7. Systems

8. Micro-Grid/Smart Grid

9. Construction Quality

10. Performance Monitoring, Post Occupancy Evaluation, and Occupant Behavior

11. Case Studies

12. NZEB Roadmap and Tools.