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PERFORMER project - Deployment Experience Feedback: WP4 deliverable document (D4.3)

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This deliverable document (D4.3) describes the work that has been done in relation to Task  4.3: the deployment experience feedback, and ties in with the results from Task 4.2 on the deployment and configuration of the PERFORMER hardware and software solution.


The document is part of the work done within the demonstration phase of the project (WP4) and aims at delivering practices and further recommendations to the industry on hardware and software solutions, and their respective installation and verification processes. This report describes and analyses the work done in Task 4.3 on deployment experience feedback which is a significant milestone of the project. While the physical work has been completed in Task 4.2, Task 4.3 marks a break between the research phase of PERFORMER and the monitoring stage, before the replication strategy and business model of the solution.



The FP7 PERFORMER project was devised and initiated in 2013. It  addresses the gap between predicted and actual energy performance in buildings with the aim of developing an innovative integrated concept for monitoring and evaluating building energy performance,and providing key recommendations for further improvements in the industry.

The main objective of the PERFORMER project is to develop, install and finally assess energy and environmental benefits of an innovative integrated concept for the monitoring and evaluation of building energy performance, towards the energy performance guarantee.