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PERFORMER project: Energy Monitoring Protocol (D5.1)

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Monitoring protocol - a guide accompanying users of PERFORMER solution


The PERFORMER solution is a holistic approach to monitoring and subsequently improving the energy performance of existing buildings.  By collecting real-time data and in-situ measurements from a building, it is possible to identify and correct deviations from the anticipated/ forecast energy performance. The PERFORMER solution essentially comprises two parts:

  • 1. The  physical equipment placed within the building, incorporating existing sensors and meters (potentially already linked to a Building Management System –BMS) along with any new supplementary equipment needed to capture the full range of data required
  • 2. The PERFORMER  Platform,  which  is  a cloud-based data environment where the collected information is stored, analysed and recommendations are derived for building/ facilities managers to act upon to reduce energy consumption


All buildings are different, but the aim of this Monitoring Protocol document is to standardise the approach for installing and implementing a monitoring programme for any building.

This Protocol covers:

-Methods for building fabric performance assessment
-Methods for measuring  real-time  energy consumption (of  mechanical  systems  and energy using devices)
-Methods for measuring occupancy and comfort parameters, since energy savings should not be delivered at the expense of the occupants’ comfort within a building


The  Protocol will provide PERFORMER clients with an overarching concept of what will be monitored in their building and why, and give key criteria to be followed during installation to ensure it is consistent with the PERFORMER approach. This document is not intended to substitute the detailed, item - specific installation manuals that accompany any new sensors or meters; instead this Protocol should complement such manuals by providing context to the PERFORMER solution for building owners and managers in readiness for the installation of any new equipment.



The FP7 PERFORMER project was devised and initiated in 2013. It  addresses the gap between predicted and actual energy performance in buildings with the aim of developing an innovative integrated concept for monitoring and evaluating building energy performance,and providing key recommendations for further improvements in the industry.

The main objective of the PERFORMER project is to develop, install and finally assess energy and environmental benefits of an innovative integrated concept for the monitoring and evaluation of building energy performance, towards the energy performance guarantee.