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Pompes à chaleur air extérieur / eau en habitat individuel neuf - Recommandations professionnelles

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Heat pumps recommendations RAGE

Heat pumps recommendations RAGE

These French professional rules concern building systems with air to water heat pumps (<50 kW) that are used for heating (or heating and cooling) in new houses.

The rules include three parts in three separate documents:

- The first part (73 pages) describes rules for designing and dimensioning the heating system (heat pump, auxiliary heating source, hydronic circuit, heat emitters, controls). Heat emitters may be hot water radiators, heated floor or fan coil units.

- The second part (98 pages) describes rules for installation and commissioning of the system.

- The third part (39 pages) details rules for maintenance. These rules are the same as in renovated buildings/systems.


These rules result from the French Programme "Règles de l'Art Grenelle Environnement 2012".