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Potential Impact Evaluation of the MEDBEES First Draft

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MARIE is an ongoing strategic project of the MED programme that aims to stimulate the energy refurbishment market in the Mediterranean regions, helping them to meet their 2020 commitments. The MARIE consortium has already proposed a list of general policy measures to overcome the barriers to energy efficiency improvements in the MED space, which could be considered a first draft of the Mediterranean Building Energy Efficiency Strategy (MEDBEES). The Potential Impact Evaluation (PIE) study performs an ex-ante assessment of the potential impacts in the future of such measures, so that its results can inform on the suitability of these policy measures.

The PIE study shows that the MARIE measures result in larger energy savings than an equally ambitious strategy based on “conventional measures” such as subsidies. However, the benefits of MARIE arrive slowly, and show large variations among regions depending on the characteristics of their current building stock.