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Promoting implementation of Nearly Zero-Energy Building Renovation: NeZeR-project result report

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The IEE NeZeR project (2014-2017) has promoted smart and integrated NZEB renovation measures in the European renovation market. The goal of the project's final report is to guide other countries to utilise the work done in this project by sharing best practices, results and lessons learned during the project.


Based on the work and results of the NeZeR-project, the project group has developed the NeZeR-concept, a comprehensive and co-creative procedure to promote the country-specific implementation of Nearly Zero-Energy Building Renovation (NZEBR).


The NeZeR-concept utilises the NZEBR criteria, developed in the NeZeR-project for four European Climatic Zones (North, East, Centre and South). The feasibility of NZEBR over traditional renovation is emphasised by feasibility studies and LCA, LCC and CBA calculations. Also appropriate fiscal incentives for the countries are studied. The NZEBR city action plans are constructed using the concrete guidelines developed in the project. Stakeholder roadmaps include general descriptions of how to achieve mainstream NZEBR, as well as the utilisation of renewable energy sources (RES) from the perspectives of the different stakeholder groups: barriers, actions, impacts and indicators. Knowledge in the whole building chain with respect to NZEBR concepts is improved through design competitions.


In a nutshell, the main results of NeZeR are:


  • Criteria, technologies and good examples of Nearly Zero Energy Building Renovation (NZEBR)
  • Advantages of NZEBR compared to traditional renovation
  • City action plans to promote NZEBR and guidelines for city action plans
  • National NZEBR roadmaps for main stakeholder groups
  • Innovative design competitions increasing knowledge and producing market-ready NZEBR concepts


To download the report, please visit the relevant NeZeR webpage at the link below.