QUALICHeCK FACT SHEET #03: French voluntary scheme for harmonised publication of ventilation product data

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This fact sheet describes a voluntary scheme defining the data to be announced in the product documentation. The scheme has been launched in 2012 by Uniclima, the French association of ventilation product manufacturers. It ensures that product characteristics are provided under a harmonised form (same physical quantity, unit and assessment method), and facilitates access to relevant input data for the energy performance calculation of a building. The scheme contributes to enhancing the compliance of published data.


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QUALICHeCK, an EU IEE co-funded project under the 2013 call for proposals, started on 1 March 2014. QUALICHeCK aims at determining best cases and tackling bottlenecks to increase the reliability of Energy Performance Certification input data, to influence quality of construction and to support compliance with building Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy regulations, in the transition phase towards Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings. To this end, a number of fact sheets to be produced by the consortium will analyse approaches that have been implemented, point out the pros and cons of options that may be considered, and give hints and pitfalls to avoid if replicated in other contexts.