QUALICHeCK FACT SHEET #06: Regulatory compliance checks of residential ventilation systems in France

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This QUALICHeCK fact sheet presents, analyses and evaluates the status of compliance of residential ventilation systems in France. The document deals only with regulatory checks, which are currently legally limited to checks that are ordered by the state, i.e., not checks that can be performed on a voluntary basis.


As stated in the report, in France, regulatory compliance checks on samples of the yearly production of new buildings have been introduced since the early 1970s to urge contractors and project owners to build according to the rules set by the building code and to monitor the application of regulations. These checks cover the compliance to the ventilation regulation.


The report concludes that although regulatory compliance checks performed on ventilation system in new residences seem very useful in order to have a good picture of the status on the ground, they seem to have little or no effect on the high non-compliance rate observed for many years. This may be partly due to the following factors:


  • penalties actually applied are rarely dissuasive;
  • absence of a link with the energy performance calculation;
  • size of the sample checked.


Furthermore, it is reported that the replication potential in other contexts seems rather high; however, the pros and cons as well as the hints and pitfalls summarised in the document should be carefully considered.



To download the fact sheet, please visit the relevant QUALICHeCK webpage.