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QUALICHeCK FACT SHEET #50: European certification of HVAC products

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QUALICHeCK FACT SHEET #50: European certification of HVAC products can provide EPC input data


Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) must be established on the basis of compliant and easily accessible input data, especially data for describing the energy performance of heating, ventilation, cooling and domestic hot water systems installed in new or existing buildings. Product certification schemes, through testing of products sampling and factory audits by an independent third party, provide reliable product data, usually published in electronic catalogues and databases. These data can be referred to by national or European regulations. If so, certification can provide compliant and easily accessible EPC input data.


This QUALICHeCK fact sheet describes the example of a voluntary certification of the performance of heating, ventilation and cooling products managed by Eurovent Certita Certification, under the European mark "Eurovent Certified Performance". It shows how such certification at the European level can be useful for products that are dedicated to different national markets, with a possibility to link certified data with the input data required for the local energy performance calculation of buildings


To download the fact sheet, please visit the relevant QUALICHeCK webpage at the link provided below.