QUALICHeCK - Terms and Definitions

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The QUALICHeCK consortium has produced this document to provide a common understanding of key expressions related to the assessment of the compliance and accessibility of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) input data as well as quality of the works, as determined and used in the context of QUALICHeCK.


The terms and definitions elaborated in this document are the following:


  • Input data for Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
  • Agreed procedures for determining EPC input data (Technical procedures, Organisational procedures, requirements for evidence of compliance)
  • Errors in input data in EPC context
  • Reporting requirements of the EPC procedures or specifications of the works
  • Compliance – Compliant
  • "Compliant" input data in the EPC context
  • "Easily accessible" input data
  • Quality of the works
  • Errors in execution of the works



The QUALICHeCK project is co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union (see also the relevant BUILDUP link).


To download the document, please visit the relevant QUALICHeCK website.