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Re-thinking 2050: A 100% Renewable Energy Vision for the European Union

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This report by the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) presents a pathway towards a 100% renewable energy system for the European Union, examining the effects on Europe’s energy supply system and on CO₂ emissions, while portraying the economic, environmental and social benefits of such a system.


The report outlines a way towards 2030 and presents a vision for 2050, particularly focusing on the policy recommendations considered necessary to tackle the non-technical barriers to achieving such a vision, tackling all three of the important sectors – electricity, heating and cooling, and transport.


Building sector – Towards Smart-Energy Buildings 2050


Energy efficiency strategies can reduce a building’s energy consumption by 50% to 70%. The report provides specific recommendations concerning renewable energy technologies and how they must be used to reach the goal of a net-zero energy building. Furhtermore, the report states that a combined approach on both the demand and the supply side is required, concluding that a comprehensive investment today in Europe’s new and existing building stock will reduce the EU’s import dependency and carbon footprint in the sector tomorrow.



For further information or to download the report, please visit the relevant European Renewable Energy Council website.