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REHVA Journal Issue 03/2017

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The REHVA Journal June issue on Indoor environmental Quality Worldwide (Guest editor Atze Boerstra) is now available online at



05 Towards HEAnZEBs!
Atze Boerstra


Atze Boerstra

09 Performance-based approaches to residential smart ventilation
Gaëlle Guyot, Max Sherman and Iain Walker

13 Indoor Air Quality Improvement in a School Building in Delhi
Maija Virta

18 3D printing of HVAC systems
Ziya Haktan Karadeniz and Macit Toksoy

23 Personal control over indoor climate disentangled, Part 1
Runa Hellwig and Atze Boerstra

27 Green Air Conditioning- Using indoor living wall systems as a climate control method
Tatiana Armijos Moya, Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Marc Ottelé and Philomena M. Bluyssen

32 Indoor Air Quality Monitoring 2.0 – Seeing the invisible
Louie Cheng

39 Metrics of Health Risks from Indoor Air
Benjamin Jones

45 The UK is putting IAQ and health on the agenda again
Dr Gráinne McGill and Prof Tim Sharpe

50 Particulate matter reduction in Eindhoven
R. Vervoort, B. Blocken, T. van Hooff and R. Gijsbers

55 An efficiency benchmark for the building industry
Guruprakash Sastry