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REHVA Journal Issue 6/December 2016

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REHVA Journal Issue 6/December 2016


The REHVA Journal December 2016 issue on EPB Standards Published for Formal Vote & Energy Efficient Renovations is now available online on




05 Commission sets up EU’s next energy efficiency battle
Jaap Hogeling





07 The set of EPB standards in CEN and ISO: common characteristics 
Dick van Dijk & Jaap Hogeling

13 Overview of EPB standards currently out for formal vote at CEN and ISO level
Jaap Hogeling

20 EN ISO 52010, the overarching EPB standard on external environment conditions
Wim Plokker & Dick van Dijk 

23 EN ISO 52003 and EN ISO 52018: making good use of the EPB assessment outputs
Dirk Van Orshoven & Dick van Dijk

27 EN ISO 52016 and 52017: Calculation of the building's energy needs for heating and cooling, internal temperatures and heating and cooling load
Dick van Dijk & Marleen Spiekman

31 EPB standards on thermal, solar and daylight properties of windows and facades
Norbert Sack & Dick van Dijk

35 EPB standards on hygrothermal performance of building components and building elements
Ludmilla Kosmina & Dick van Dijk

39 Calculation of the energy performance of ventilation and cooling systems, update of several parts in the EN 16798 family
Gerhard Zweifel

42 The set EPB-CEN standards related to the calculation of heating and DHW systems a chance for the heating system professionals to be up taken
Johann Zirngibl

45 EN 15316-2: Energy calculation method of emission systems in rooms
Joachim Seifert & Martin Knorr

47 The EN 15316-4-3 Energy performance of buildings – Method for calculation of system energy requirements and system efficiencies – Part 4-3: Heat generation systems, thermal solar and photovoltaic systems out for Formal Vote
Gerard van Amerongen

49 Heating systems – Hot water storage
Bruno Ziegler

50 The energy retrofit of a multifamily building in Madrid
Roberto Fedrizzi

56 Optimization of HVAC system operation based on a dynamic simulation tool
Marko G. Ignjatović, Bratislav D. Blagojević, Mirko M. Stojiljković, Dejan M. Mitrović & Aleksandar S. Anđelković


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