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REHVA position paper on the revised EPBD proposal

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REHVA position paper on the European Commission proposal of the revised ENERGY PERFORMANCE OF BUILDINGS DIRECTIVE COM(2016)0765



This position paper on the EC proposal for the revised EPBD was published In March 2017, in the 2nd issue of the REHVA Journal.


The REHVA position is grouped into 3 priorities:


  • Ensuring high indoor environment quality and energy efficiency at the same time
  • Ensuring quality, proper maintenance and performance through mandatory inspection of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Promoting the harmonized and ambitious application of EPB standards in Europe


REHVA supports and appreciates the principles of EPBD aiming at the improvement of energy performances in new and existing buildings based on cost-optimality, and it welcomes the proposal of the 30% binding target for energy efficiency. 


However, the position paper highlights that the EPBD shall (i) strengthen indoor environment quality requirements and health aspects; (ii) put more focus on the energy refurbishment of the existing building stock; (iii) keep mandatory and independent inspection of technical building systems including ventilation systems and IEQ; and (iv) promote the harmonized implementation of the new EPB standards. The revised EPBD should aim at strengthening compliance during the implementation and the enforcement of the directive.


Read the full position paper and other REHVA policy statements on the REHVA website - Position Papers section.