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Renew School: Awareness raising school projects

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The report, released in the framework of the RENEW SCHOOL project, presents the design and description of the activities undertaken within 16 school projects in Austria, Belgium, Copenhagen, Italy, Poland and Slovenija.


The main objectives of these projects were:


  • to show and discuss measures and technologies for the retrofit of school buildings with the school users, both the pupils and the teachers;
  • to involve students on sustainability themes like building energy efficiency, use of renewable energy sources and the use of wood as building material;
  • to sensitise children about the themes above mentioned, let them know through the direct experience and knowledge;
  • to give them instruments to measure the level of sustainability of their classroom and of their habits at home;
  • to raise awareness of the positive role that each individual has in determining the quality of the territory in which they live and, globally, the future of the earth, identifying and testing strategies for a sustainable living;
  • to feed the curiosity and interest in the mechanisms by which nature sustains life on the planet;
  • to support the development of the necessary skills to enable people to build a sustainable relationship with the environment: autonomy, creativity, sense of responsibility, the spirit of initiative, collaboration, the ability to design, ask yourself and solve problems.

To download the document, please visit the relevant RENEW SCHOOL webpage at the link below.