Renew School: Lessons learned from frontrunner buildings

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Eighteen case studies with high energy performance have been collected from all European project partner countries of the IEE project RENEW SCHOOL. For choosing the right buildings as frontrunners, the project consortium set some prioritised criteria. The two main criteria were the selection of typical educational buildings (also incl. kindergartens) and the use of prefabricated timber elements during the renovation or construction of the buildings. The rest of the criteria which were defined in the scope of the project, including if renovation or not, indoor air quality, the use of renewables etc., came in second line. Only 7 of the 18 frontrunners which have been chosen are renovation projects. But the technical solutions and cooperation models used in all the frontrunners, not only in the renovation projects, can serve as an inspiration to future renovation projects in the RENEW SCHOOL sense all over Europe.


This document focuses on the lessons learned from the renovation/construction process, interviews with the decision makers and from what we learned about the visits of the frontrunners. Monitoring data of the building’s operation, interview and questionnaire results as well as user feedback available before, during and after the renovation/construction process are used to compile the lessons learned documentation. Data from identified frontrunners of the RENEW SCHOOL project was collected to get an in-depth understanding of the composition of funding sources as well as complexity of cooperation, of the renovation processes and experiences with the use of prefabricated timber technology. To this end, tools used were: survey questionnaire, individual interviews and visualisation tools.


To download the document, please visit the relevant RENEW SCHOOL webpage at the link below.