Renew School: Sustainable school building renovation - school's financial signpost

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This document, released in the framework of the RENEW SCHOOL project, presents results from the analysis of 14 renovated schools and kindergartens as practice best examples from the project’s partner countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Poland and Slovenia. The applied cooperation models and financial methods in the best practice case studies gave deeper understanding on how they work as well as an insight into the reasons of those involved to choose for timber prefabrication technology, what were the key decision makers in it, and the experienced barriers and advan­tages as lessons learnt.


Special attention provided in this ‘Signpost’ document is the results from exploring the financial methods used for the renovation of the featured school and kindergarten examples. This included description of specifics in financing of each renovation case study as well as, on a broader level, what is the conven­tional practice of financing advanced renovation of schools in their corresponding city/region. Moreover, focus was given on highlighting novel ways /methods which, through this report, can be shared to school building owners and other stakeholders.


To download the document, please visit the relevant RENEW SCHOOL webpage at the link below.