Renew School: Sustainable school building renovation - school's technical signpost

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The technical signpost, released in the framework of the RENEW SCHOOL project, is the collection of the best performing technological solutions that can be applied in school buildings and kindergartens, which use timber façade and undergo renovation. The technical signpost should guide future renovations recommending the solutions that will reduce risks, avoid negative consequences that are robust, tested and verified. Thus, these solutions should secure that the learning environment will not be aggravated, i.e. that children and personnel will not get sick and that learning performance will not be compromised. The technical signpost, in other words, disseminates lessons learnt, warns about the potential risks, and educates building stakeholders. Consequently, wrong decisions are avoided. Mishandling due to the lack of proper maintenance is avoided, too. Finally, technical signpost recommends advanced technical solutions (potentially associated with building typology), which should become part of the future energy renovation campaigns carried out in conventional schools and kindergartens. The guidance included in the technical signpost is expected to increase the rate, at which schools and kindergartens are renovated. The technical signpost summarises data from the 19 frontrunner buildings within the following four broad categories:


  • timber prefabrication;
  • technical solutions for achieving ventilation and high indoor air quality;
  • solutions for achieving sufficient daylight and daylight control;
  • energy sources including renewables.

To download the document, please visit the relevant RENEW SCHOOL webpage at the link below.