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Renovating Historic Buildings Towards Zero Energy

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This promotional brochure of Task 59 IEA-SHC highlights the project structure, the organizational details and the project´s objectives, which are the following:

  • Develop a knowledge base on how to renovate historic buildings towards their lowest possible energy demand
  • Identify their energy saving potential
  • Assess multidisciplinary procedures to maintain their heritage value while improving the energy performance
  • Advance the existing support tools used in integrated design processes
  • Identify the potential for solar energy use and promote associated best practices
  • Transfer the knowledge gathered to the stakeholders involved in the renovation process


Historic buildings constitute a considerable part of our building stock and are the trademark of numerous cities. Historic buildings will, however, only survive if kept in use. To save this heritage for future generations, we need to find conservation compatible,renovation approaches and measures that preserve the heritage values of these buildings while improving user comfort, lowering energy bills and minimizing environmental impacts.


Check the brochure attached.