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A Renovation Wave Initiative for public and private buildings – Roadmap

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Call for Feedback by 8thJune 2020

This Paper sets out the initial EuroACE views in the framework of the stakeholder feedback sought by the European Commission by 8th June on its Roadmap on the Renovation Wave. A more detailed and extensive response will be published in the framework of the upcoming Public Consultation on the topic.


  1. An accurate understanding of barriers, a good description of benefits and a valuable move towards a holistic approach to renovation. EuroACE welcomes the Commission focus on the renovation of existing buildings and the goal to increase the renovation rates. EuroACE also welcomes that the Roadmap lists the multiple positive impacts (benefits) of energy renovation of buildings. This recognition needs to go further by integrating other benefits, such as a good indoor climate, taking into consideration factors such as air, humidity, heat, (day-)light, or noise. The Commission should ensure that those benefits are not only described, but really understood by stakeholders and building occupants to drive demand for good quality building renovation.
  2. An insufficient ambition and strategic approach. Despite a good analysis of barriers and benefits, EuroACE finds that the Roadmap is insufficiently ambitious when it comes to setting the objective to be met. The renovation market needs a clear horizon, which is to achieve a ‘highly energy efficient and decarbonised building stock by 2050’. This translates into a tripling, not doubling, of the current annual renovation rate in the EU.
  3. Scaling up solutions and structuring the renovation ecosystem to give it a strategic boost. EuroACE would like to highlight the crucial importance of a strong regulatory framework to get the renovation market going. Whether it is based on a segments approach or an area-based approach at (a very) local level, renovation needs to be much more strongly ‘pushed’ via policies at EU and national level. In that context, EuroACE would first like to recall that a thorough implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive is key.
  4. Putting the money where the mouth is: the Renovation Wave as basis for a Green Recovery. EuroACE is glad to see that the Renovation Wave initiative seems still planned for the second half of September and is not being delayed. This is especially crucial in the current context of economic recovery, in which the construction and renovation sector should play an important role to create local jobs.