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Report on available HEIs and VET training for BIM and nZEB in the construction field

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Education for zero energy Buildings using Building Information Modelling

The report provides an overview of the training courses delivered in the field of BIM and nZEB at HEIs and VETs in Europe (in particular the partner countries). The main contributions determine:


1. types and level of trainings for BIM and nZEB at national VETs and HEIs and degree of fragmentation of courses

2. the transferability of these trainings at EQF level in the partner countries and EU


The concise report reviews information (where available) regarding: country, type and level of training, teaching methods, certification, content, learning outcomes, challenges/barriers.


The report address and summarises issues and challenges pertaining to combining BIM with nZEB education, content, training methodologies and delivery. Transferability of the Learning Units to other national countries around Europe is an important factor which is reviewed. The report also reviews barriers and national regulations to permit fluid transfer of the LUs into other curricula and training programmes. This will determine the sustainability of the trainings in the short and long term.